First home staging job in St Augustine accomplished. Before & After photos inside…

It’s been nearly a year since I have done any home staging. In January 2011, I became very ill and spent most of the year on mandatory bed rest. Finally when I was able to get back to work, my husband received a job transfer – one we could not say no to. In January 2012, with a heavy heart, I sold my very successful Charleston home staging company to my business partner. It was really the best thing, since I did not live there any longer. Still, it took months to make the decision to start over – to begin a new home staging company.

Before the website was completed or a single marketing piece was publicly released, I already had a client call. (Thanks to my blog on The agent decided that her listing really needed staging. It was a well priced vacant vanilla box, that was receiving tons of showings, but no offers. Staging would help buyers make the connection.


Adding pops of color throughout the house, we warmed up the house. Now, buyers can imagine their own lives here. They know just how big the rooms are and have an idea how their furniture may work. Spaces that felt awkward or small, now feel larger and more understood.


Because this home is located in Cascades, a 55 and up community inside of World Golf Village, St Augustine, FL, we know that our target demographic is active seniors. We chose transitional furniture, slightly modern, slightly traditional, to appeal to this group. While seniors are often thought of as completely traditional, we know that active seniors tend to think differently. They don’t want to be thought of as “old”.

There was a showing this afternoon, just after we left. Maybe they’ll enjoy our subtle reminders on how great it would be to spend the afternoon on the back porch with an ice cold glass of sweet tea after a great day of golfing on the world renowned PGA course. Let’s keep our finger’s crossed that we hit a hole in one on this home staging performance!

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